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Unconscious bias. Most of us have heard this term to describe assumptions that are automatic, unintended, deeply ingrained, and able to influence behavior. We all have them. 

Do you ever feel yourself sorting people into ‘us versus them’ groupings? Do you ever have a first impression of someone without any context about who they are?

In a world where connecting is more important than ever, it’s time we learn techniques to manage the shortcuts our brain takes that lead to judgements about people and identity groups. 

From a corporate perspective, unconscious bias decreases innovation, productivity, and creativity. Don’t let your office culture suffer from unintentional offenses that leave employees feeling frustrated and hurt. 

In this module of the Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox course, used by national organizations to train their teams on diversity, equity, and inclusion, you will:

  • Understand how and why unconscious bias develops
  • Identify types of unconscious bias
  • Explore your own unconscious bias
  • Develop ways to manage unconscious bias

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Unconscious Bias - The Secret Disruptor

    • Introduction

    • Learning Objectives

    • If You Have a Brain, You Have a Bias

    • Conscious Versus Unconscious Bias

    • What Are Your Unconscious Biases?

    • Biases in Business

    • Foundation of Unconscious Bias

    • Types of Bias

    • 10 Minute Break

    • Understanding Microaggression

    • Understanding Microaggression Continued

    • Examples of Microaggressions

    • Recognize Your Own Biases

    • Unconscious Bias Exercise

    • Strategies to Address Unconscious Bias

    • Increase Exposure to Biases

    • Conclusion

    • Module 3 Key Terms

    • Types of Bias Printout

    • Top Tips to Addressing Unconscious Bias

    • Module 3 Quiz

    • Module 3 References

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