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The Diversity Leader's Blueprint to Strategy and Implementation

About This Course

Forward-thinking organizations are moving quickly to hire and integrate DEI leaders. In fact, as a share of all job postings, diversity positions rose 18% in 2018, 30% in 2019, and a whopping 123% in 2020. Yet most of these roles are new to the organization, and many of the leaders stepping into them have only a little or no experience in leading a strategy-based, data-driven DEI program. 

So many DEI programs fail -- and when they do, their failure takes a heavy toll on productivity, culture, and morale. How do you guard against common pitfalls to kickstart and sustain real transformation instead? This course will show you how.

Designed by a team of PhDs, Certified Diversity Executives, and DEI experts, this course provides a clear and proven roadmap to success, so you can manage organization-wide change efficiently and effectively.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. Leading DEI Checklist

    3. Course Navigation Tips

    4. Your Course Instructors

    5. A Quick Note

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. D, E, I, and B

    4. D, E, I, and B Transcript

    5. The Business Case for Hiring a DEI Leader

    6. Important Character Traits & Skills

    7. Positioning a DEI Leader

    8. Positioning a DEI Leader Transcript

    9. Best Practices for Diverse Hiring

    10. Hiring Mistakes to Avoid

    11. Hiring Mistakes to Avoid Transcript

    12. Common Mistakes White Paper

    13. Building Stakeholder Relationships

    14. Leading Up, Down, and Across

    15. Top 10 Tips to Gain DEI Buy-In from Remote Employees

    16. Conclusion

    17. Key Terms

    18. Quiz

    19. Resources

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Know Your Research

    4. Know Your Research Transcript

    5. Your DEI Budget

    6. Your DEI Budget Transcript

    7. Why DEI Programs Fail

    8. Personal Story #1: Integrating the Business Case and the Human Case

    9. Get One-on-One with Leaders

    10. Personal Story #2: The Leadership Roadshow

    11. Identifying Stakeholders & Their Expectations

    12. Identifying Stakeholders & Their Expectations Transcript

    13. Personal Story #3: Connecting with Middle Managers

    14. Conclusion

    15. Key Terms

    16. Quiz

    17. Resources

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Driving with Data

    4. The Power of Data: How to Measure the Effectiveness and Value of DEI

    5. Sample Data Analytics

    6. Determining Priorities

    7. Workbook: DEI Strategic Plan Development

    8. Step by Step: Writing Your Plan

    9. Core Pillars of a Great Strategy

    10. Core Pillars of a Great Strategy Transcript

    11. Sample Strategies & Templates

    12. Develop a Communication Plan

    13. Top Tips for Change Management

    14. Top Tips for Change Management Transcript

    15. Common Pitfalls

    16. Common Pitfalls Transcript

    17. Gaining Executive Approval

    18. Conclusion

    19. Key Terms

    20. Quiz

    21. Resources

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. The Kickoff

    4. What Gets Measured

    5. Metrics to Track and Measure Progress

    6. Increasing Diversity

    7. Improving Inclusion

    8. Committees, Councils, and Employee-Led Groups

    9. Committees, Councils, and Employee-Led Groups Transcript

    10. Communicate Your Progress and Plans

    11. Common Errors in Implementation

    12. Maintaining Momentum

    13. Maintaining Momentum Transcript

    14. Conclusion

    15. Key Terms

    16. Quiz

    17. Resources

    1. Introduction

    2. Learning Objectives

    3. Your Personal Board of Advisors

    4. Professional Networks

    5. Continuing Education

    6. Self-Care and Asking For Help

    7. Employee-Led Groups

    8. Anatomy of an Employee-Led Group

    9. Trusted Ten Worksheet

    10. Owning Your Bias and Privilege

    11. Owning Your Bias and Privilege Transcript

    12. Conclusion

    13. Key Terms

    14. Quiz

    15. Resources

About this course

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The Next Step

Mollie B., Communications Manager

This course really helps me take the next step in my DEI work and take an active role in the spaces I work and socialize in. I learned how to create DEI strategy, how to make a strong case for DEI implementation (with plenty of great resources/additional studies), how to engage different stakeholders, and was encouraged to work through limitations and focus on action steps that are possible. Hearing about the data collection piece at the beginning was a key step that I hadn't thought about. The sample plans are super helpful and get really specific. It was also helpful to hear that meaningful change takes time -- and that while you want some quick wins to build momentum and sustain engagement, you also want these to be thoughtful and intentional so that they build towards a longer-term impact. I really love that they make all of the resources downloadable so you can return to them later -- there is so much there and it's a lot to process - so helpful to be able to return to it multiple times. Thank you!

Highly Recommended

Ekaterina Manannikova (she/her), Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer, Capital Legal Services

The most comprehensive and meticulously thought out DEI course ever. Realistic, business-oriented, innovative, and highly positive approach to DEI programs implementation is exactly what young DEI leaders need to become more self-confident in their own success. The material is easily navigable, accessible to all types of learners, and downloadable. Highly recommend this unique and professional course.

Roadmap to Success

Brenda Clegg, Business Development & Community Liaison, BelFlex Staffing Network

This course is a great resource for every DEI leader, providing a roadmap of helpful tools and resources to build a sustainable DEI program.


Renee Otiende, Training & Diversity Business Partner, Texans Credit Union

I am new in my role as a DEI Practitioner. I have some base knowledge and primarily self taught. This course was encouraging because I could see my own skills sets and how they paired well with the skills sets needed for a good DEI practitioner. Also I was able to see clearly where my organization is on their DEI journey. This course also was helpful with making the priority to create a strategic plan for our organization.

Very Helpful


DEI professionals that are starting out or who have worked in the field for a couple of years could benefit from this course. I wish this course was around a couple of years ago when I was getting started. I would highly recommend. Engaging course with great content laid out in a logical way! Very helpful!!!

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  • Who is this course for?

    This course is intended for new DEI practitioners at all levels who are looking to create, measure, and sustain successful diversity, equity, and inclusion practices for their organization and those who lead diversity, equity, and inclusion as an organization-wide function. It is also helpful for senior executives responsible for hiring for DEI roles to understand how to recruit for and support this important role.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    The course takes 4-6 hours depending on learning style, with most students completing the course in 5 hours.