The Impact of Inclusive Marketing

If you're not approaching marketing with an inclusive lens, you're leaving money on the table and risk alienating consumers. Marketing in today’s society is more than just being the first or best product on the market. 

And, our society is becoming more and more diverse. In fact, by 2045, “minorities” will be the majority in the U.S. One in four people in the US have a disability. Are you ensuring your products, services, AND digital platforms are accessible? Did you know that the buying power in the US is $1.4 trillion for Black consumers and $1 trillion for LGBTQ+ consumers? This means that marketing to one prototypical consumer is an antiquated - and ineffective - approach. If you are looking to grow and sustain your business, you need to be proficient in Inclusive Marketing. It’s critical to business longevity.

This course will show you how to win in the marketplace by messaging diverse consumers effectively, ensure your assets are inclusive and accessible, maintain authenticity while avoiding tokenism, and recover from costly mistakes.

What You'll Learn

Our standard bundle for marketers includes a 90-minute course on DEI fundamentals followed by a 90-minute course on inclusive marketing. The fundamentals are required to get you up-to-speed on DEI terminology and concepts that are the basis for inclusive marketing principles.


This course has been reviewed by and is highly-regarded by industry experts

Inclusive marketing is the path forward

Bob Osmond, President, Racepoint Global

Marketing and communications have always played a significant role in setting and reflecting culture. In a diverse and shifting market, inclusive marketing is the path forward for companies to drive sustainable growth. This course from The Diversity Movement provides clear, actionable steps for practitioners to harness the power of inclusion in their daily work building brands, driving customer engagement, and attracting the talent of the future.

Provides the critical thinking brand managers need

Suzanne Miglucci, Former CEO, CMO, Board Chair

Digital media has changed the marketing landscape. From websites to online advertising, social media and more -- brands can now seamlessly dialogue with their audience to present their brand and gain immediate feedback on product-market fit. This can lead to amazing brand amplification or agonizing deprecation -- depending entirely on how well you know your audience and execute your marketing and communications plans. The Diversity Movement's Inclusive Marketing Course provides the critical thinking brand managers need to consider as they shape their go-to-market plans. From decision making frameworks to step-by-step instructional plans, this course navigates the critical thinking every brand should consider in order to deliver a profitable, relevant and inclusive brand.

Hands-on and action-oriented

Chad Wilson, Director of Learning, American Marketing Association

Whether you need to understand the business case for inclusive marketing or map out your company’s strategy for engaging with clients and consumers, this course provides the resources you need to create a more inclusive and impactful brand. The hands-on approach and action-oriented focus of this course will give you the tools and knowledge you need to champion inclusivity in your organization and drive meaningful change.